riza Basic Information
  • (english) Relationship status:
    (english) Single (Never Married)
  • (english) Relationship I am looking for:
    (english) A long-term
  • (english) Ethnicity:
    (english) Non Jewish
  • (english) Religion:
    (english) Other Religion
  • (english) Children:
    (english) None
  • (english) Education:
    (english) Bachelor’s degree
  • (english) Occupation:
    (english) Arts
  • (english) Employment status:
    (english) Part-time
  • (english) Height:
    (english) 5' 7"; - (170cm)
  • (english) Weight:
    (english) 140 lbs. - 63 kg
  • (english) Body build:
    (english) Slender
  • Om mig:
    I am enthusiastic, charismatic and very outgoing. I enjoy friendship and amd I am looking for a close relationship. I am very cheerful and friendly. I am 28 years old. I have dark hair and dark eyes. I speak english, I graduated in 2006. I have an interest for a close relationship.
  • (english) The country I grew up in:
    United Kingdom
riza Details
  • (english) What is religion in my life:
    (english) I am moderately religious
  • (english) Visiting synagogue:
    (english) Sometimes
  • (english) Keeping kosher:
    (english) Partly
  • (english) General appearance:
    (english) Average looking
  • (english) Hair color:
    (english) Black
  • (english) Eye color:
    (english) Dark-brown
  • (english) Smoking:
    (english) I don't smoke, smokers don't bother me
  • (english) Drinking:
    (english) Never
  • (english) Health:
    (english) Satisfactory
  • (english) Want (more) children?:
    (english) No
  • (english) Open to meeting someone with children:
    (english) Yes
  • (english) Living situation:
    (english) Living with parents
  • (english) Pets at home:
    (english) None
  • (english) Relocate for the right person:
    (english) Possibly
  • (english) Political orientation:
    (english) Moderate
  • (english) Favorite type of holiday:
    (english) Peaceful and relaxing
  • (english) Planning:
    (english) I plan everything in advance
  • (english) Languages speaking:
    (english) Indo-European
  • (english) Interests:
    (english) Sport, Swimming
  • (english) Favorite music:
    (english) Alternative
  • (english) Favorite types of movie:
    (english) Classic
  • (english) Favorite Cuisines:
    (english) Pizza
  • (english) Personality traits:
    (english) Easygoing
  • (english) Zodiac Sign:
    (english) Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
  • (english) Culture or country with which I identify:
    United Kingdom
riza Ideal Match
  • (english) Age (from):
  • (english) Age (to):
  • (english) Height (from):
    (english) 5' 3"; - (160cm)
  • (english) Height (to):
    (english) 5' 7"; - (170cm)
  • (english) About my ideal match:
    Dark hair with dark eyes, pale white skin. Avergae height with average weight and possibly and family girl.
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