Miracles happen, you just have to believe and give them a chance to happen


We are grateful to you for being with us. After all, we are all together – a single team, a team of people to follow tradition of creating Jewish families.

We are also grateful to all our friends who send their stories of successful dating on Each story is unique and beautiful. Today we have selected top 5 stories of dating. Please, read them. And if you are still looking for someone special, let these stories to inspire and motivate you!

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  1. Miracles happen, you just have to believe and give them a chance to happen.

Shalom! I was very surprised to see your letter, because my husband and I removed our profiles from the site, but I am glad that I can share our mystical story.

We met on the day of the death of my beloved grandmother. I got terrible news from home in the morning when I was sitting at the airport. While waiting for the flight, looked through the mail. And there was a letter there. Not the first one from your site, for a couple of months I posted my  profile, there were many letters, but I did not want to answer, none of them found a response in my soul. This letter was smart and warm. I responded immediately, splashed my grief over the loss of a loved one and started a correspondence, very touching, supportive. We made an appointment a week after the funeral and it turned out to be what my grandmother dreamed of seeing my husband. There was a strong feeling that she “asked” from G-d and her appeal to G-d was fulfilled. Our relations developed rapidly, although we are both secular. It’s funny that we have lived in the same city for a long time, we walked the same paths, we had to meet for a long time, but no, we met only on this site. After a couple of weeks, we were engaged, a few months later we put up a khupu, exactly one year later, 21 Elulah, in the day of my grandmother’s death our son was born. Now he is is 4 y.o. and 6 months ago we moved to Israel.

Miracles happen, you just have to believe and give them a chance to happen.

thank you

Musya Ioffe

  1. Thank you for your good deeds (mizvah)!

Shalom! Yes, indeed, thanks to your site, we created a family. Thank you for your good deeds! Sincerely, Budin S. and Budin (Sorkina) E.

  1. Thank you for personal matchmaking service

Good evening, Shalom, Our story is so simple that we still remember it with surprise! We met in 2008 through personal matchmaking service. And we are very grateful for this to beautiful Irina from St. Petersburg. We send our photos. With best regards, Sophia and Leonid.


  1. Please remove me and my wife from your site

Shalom, Please remove me and my wife from your site and your mailing list as we got, Baruch HaShem, happily married. Thanks! Binyamin

  1. We got married 11 of Tevet this year.

Please unsubscribe me to your site.  I got married 11 of Tevet this year. Thank you! Gloria

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