Additional services (we provide them via our external consultants and partners)


  1. Express answers. Answering your questions regarding profile writing and posting. How to use online dating features in the most efficient way.  15 minutes conversation by phone or Skype. $15.00
  2. Profile Tell us about yourself, who you are looking for and share with us your recent photos. We will prepare your good written profile, select your best photos for it and send it to you by email.  Once you approve it we will publish your profile on 1 hour conversation by  phone or Skype.  $50.00
  3. Personal dating coach. We will guide you through finding, flirting with, and building a fabulous relationship. 1 hour session.  $90.00
  4. Image couching. The first impression you convey may include a variety of non-verbal messages that people you meet are responding to in ways that may or may not be what you intend. So, it’s worth the time and effort of raising your own awareness of the messages you’re communicating (perhaps unwittingly) and learning how to communicate messages you want to convey in ways that suit you – through clothes, body language, hair, grooming, etc. This is where image coaching can really help – by raising awareness and suggesting changes to get the best out of you. 50 min. session. $90.00
  5. Dating coaching for making attractive. 50 min. session. $90.00
  6. 3 sessions coaching package (includes packages #3,4 and 5) – $230.00 for the full package.
  7. Coaching for efficient dating. If you are not happy with results of your dating than our professional matchmaker will review your profile, talk with you (30 minutes) and send you advices by email.  30 min. $50.00.
  8. Personal Dating Coaching for couples. (3 sessions, each session 50 minutes, $230.00 for 3 seesions)
  9. Personal Dating Coaching for marrieds. Are you married and want to improve your relationship? Than this coaching for you. (3 sessions, each session 50 minutes, $230.00 for 3 sessions) 
  10. Organization of your offline dating. Have you met online and decided to meet each other offline? We will organizes your meeting. $60.00